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Why Sew???

  • Clothes Fit the Way they Should

Standard store clothes rarely fit me in a way that is flattering and exactly as it should be.  For me, shopping has turned into more of a chore than a fun activity.  It is crazy that all women supposedly fit into a handful of sizes, which don’t allow for different bust or hip sizes.  Sewing allows me to create clothes that flatter my shape and fit correctly.

  • Halloween

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday.  I love dressing up in crazy outfits.  Because I know how to sew, I’m not confined to whatever is available in stores.  Whatever I can imagine I can create.

  • Bring Old Clothes Back to Life

I’ve become more conscious of myself as a consumer and my impact on the world.  I don’t like to see things go to waste.  Now I can update old clothes by embellishing or adding to them.  I can also combine multiple old pieces into something new.  I feel innovative, creative, and thrifty!

  • Become More Self-Reliant

I have great respect for people who are self-sufficient.  My mother’s side of the family moved from Norway to homestead in North Dakota at the turn of the 20th century.  They built a farm, a home, a life; you name it, they did it.  Even if it’s comparatively a small accomplishment, I feel good that I can hem, alter, and create my own clothing.  No more taking clothes to the tailor!

  • Get Exactly What You Want

Have you ever gone into a store and found the perfect shirt if only it was in a different color?  Or the perfect dress but they don’t have your size?  Or the perfect skirt if only it was a different length?  Sewing gives you the power to take that image and create it exactly how you want.  I get more comments on clothes that I make than clothes that I buy.  Why?  Because they express my personality, fit the way they should, and I feel great wearing them!


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