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Ever wonder what could become of your unused clothing?  Turn them into new clothes!

A long skirt can be turned into a top.  I took a long patterned skirt with green lining to create this tank top.  I wanted the green fabric to be the majority of the shirt and the patterned fabric to be the accent.  I also used the patterned fabric to make the skinny straps.


Two pairs of pants can be turned into a vest.  I took a pair of grey pants and a pair of black pants that I no longer wore and made this vest.  I used leftover lining from a previous project to line the inside.  I used the black pants to create the ruffle around the bottom.


A man’s old button-up shirt can be turned into an apron.  I used the back piece of a man’s old button-up shirt for the main part of the apron and used the sleeve and front fabric to make the straps.  I had some satin fabric left over from another project to trim the pocket and make a flower for flair.


So go into your closet, pull out something that has been hanging in there for a year, and bring it back to life!


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