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“Longing” and “Ribfest” will be available at auction at the 2011 Feed My Starving Children Chicagoland Gala and Silent Auction on Friday, April 29.


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The Road to Paso Robles and The Dog Who Lost the Poker Game at the Reflections Gallery in the Aurora Public Library Eola Branch from April through June!

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Recently, I decided I wanted to experiment with oil pastels so I researched the available brands.  I was looking for something with acceptable quality without breaking the bank.  From my research it seemed that there was no middle ground for oil pastels.  There are many brands that are inexpensive but poor in quality and then there are the professional grades, such as Sennelier and Holbein, which are very expensive.  I concluded that the Cray-Pas Expressionist oil pastels were the highest quality inexpensive brand for me to experiment.

I have a 12 color set of Cray-Pas Expressionist oil pastels from a drawing class I took last year and figured it would be easiest to just expand my color base.  I went to Dick Blick to pick up a 48 color or a handful of assorted colors if they had them individually for sale.  Unfortunately, they only carried 12 and 24 color sets.  After talking to the sales associate, I came to the same conclusion as before, that Cray-Pas Expressionist would be the best inexpensive set, but Dick Blick didn’t carry the colors I wanted in the store.

After that, I went to Hobby Lobby to see if they carried the Cray-Pas Expressionist oil pastels.  They did not, but I found Gallery Artists’ Soft Oil Pastels by Mungyo in a 48 color set.  I went home and researched them to see if they would worko the trick.  Apparently, Mungyo is known for making student grade Gallery Oil Pastels that are quite unsatisfactory.  The Gallery Artists’ Soft Oil Pastels are their new artist quality line and I was able to find a couple of reviews saying they were decent so I decided to try them out for myself.

Gallery Artists’ Soft Oil Pastels by Mungyo are creamy, vibrant, and extremely easy to use.  Cray-Pas Expressionist oil pastels pale in comparison.  Not only that, Gallery Artists’ Soft Oil Pastels by Mungyo are a steal.  Dick Blick carries a 12 color set of Cray-Pas Expressionist oil pastels for $10.99.  Hobby Lobby carries a 12 color set of Gallery Artists’ Soft Oil Pastels for $6.99.  My 48 color set was $14.99 with my 40% off coupon. 

If you’re looking to experiment with oil pastels, I absolutely recommend Gallery Artists’ Soft Oil Pastels by Mungyo over Cray-Pas Expressionist oil pastels.  See the difference for yourself!

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My goal this year is to finish these paintings……..do you have a favorite that you want to see finished?

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I am a member of a local organization called the DuPage Art League in Wheaton, IL.  It is a place where members can submit their artwork for sale, take classes, and surround themselves with art and artists.  Each month there is a new theme and members are allowed to submit two pieces for judging.

February’s theme was “Games People Play.”  I submitted these two pieces.  “Summer Games” received a merit award.

Summer Games

The Dog who Lost the Poker Game


I’m working on a piece for March’s gallery.  The theme is “Green.”  Seems broad…but I thought it was kind of tricky…we’ll see how it turns out…

Work in Progress

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